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Job Tips-- New Job Advice from Old Adages

Adage #1:  "Strike While the Iron is Hot."

Origin: Blacksmiths know they have only so much time to mold iron after
heating it.

When a great job comes to your attention, it is best to act before the
window of opportunity closes.  Keeping a pristine, updated resume on file
with a few reputable search consultants will position you to act quickly
when an exciting new job opens. When you are contacted about an
opportunity, even if you have questions and reservations, respond and get
engaged in the process -- talking about the opportunity with the search
consultant will keep your interviewing skills honed and also keep you
aware of the alternative positions that exist for someone with your skills
and experience. Though the interview process can seem painfully slow,
once the decision to hire is made, most companies want to begin
reviewing resumes -- strike while the iron is hot!  The next tip will deal
with how to get the face-to-face interview.
Job Tips