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Title:  Consultant/Sr. Consultant

Description & Responsibilities

The successful candidate will be capable of understanding and
performing a wide range of technical, economic, and commercial
analyses for clients around the world.  Professionals new to consulting  
are expected to support on-going consulting activities developed by
others in the firm, but depending on areas of expertise may be asked to
lead assignments or portions of assignments from the outset of their
employment.  Over time as an experience consultant, the successful
candidate  take on responsibilities for generating new consulting
business through relationship management of both new and existing firm
clients.  Each experienced consultant is expected to contribute to growth
in the firm’s client base by developing and supporting new client
relationships.  From the time to time, every consultant is expected to
participate in marketing efforts of the firm including making client visits to
foster business relationships, attending industry functions and meetings,
and presenting papers at various industry conferences.  The position
does require some travel, however the frequency and duration for each
assignment varies depending on the client, the nature of each
assignment and the deliverable product provided.  Most travel is within
North America, however, work requiring travel outside of the region is not
uncommon and most consultants work on projects requiring some
foreign travel within the first two to three years with the firm.

Consultants are expected to be proficient in a number of different areas;
however specific assignments are typically staffed by a team of
consultants drawing on specific individual expertise to provide the
complete analyses required by the client.  Representative engagements
may require expertise, such as:

-        Project Development
o        Market studies
o        Price forecasting
o        Feasibility studies
o        Identification of profit improvement opportunities
o        Contract review
o        Financial analysis/Cash flow modeling
o        Contract negotiation support or client representation in the
negotiation process
o        Independent Engineering Review/Oversight
o        Project Management

-        Refining and Refined Products
o        Crude oil and feedstock analysis/valuation
o        Product blending/optimization
o        Benchmarking of Key Performance Indicators
o        Economics and Planning Support
o        LP development and/or maintenance
o        Logistics and transportation studies

-        Midstream
o        Contract Negotiation, Interpretation & Valuation
o        Contract Damages Assessment
o        Asset Valuation
o        Due Diligence in Support of Asset Transaction
o        Design Review and Assessment
o        Gas Gathering and Plant Operational Assessments
o        Natural Gas and Gas Liquids Logistics and Storage

-        Merger and Acquisition support
o        Technical and/or economic due diligence studies
o        Fair market value assessment
o        Integration analyses


The ideal candidate will have an undergraduate degree in Engineering
(Chemical Engineering preferred); with 10+ of direct industry experience.  
Background would ideally include experience in refinery economics and
planning, refinery operations, and technical services.  The successful
candidate must be an excellent communicator, equally proficient in oral
presentations and written reports.  In addition, the successful candidate
will have demonstrated expertise with optimization and financial models;
will exhibit excellent collaborative and organizational skills; and must be
self-directed with a strong entrepreneurial mind-set. An advanced degree
in business will be a plus, though not required.  Candidates must currently
be able to work in the United States without sponsorship and have no
restrictions with respect to international travel.

Travel:  Locations and duration of trips vary depending upon nature of
individual consulting assignments
Refining Consultant