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Add to Your Recruiting Success – Business for Sale!

Hofner Lewis, Ltd was established in 2003 with a focus on professional
recruiting in the energy industry.  Energy turned out to be a broad term as
we evolved from recruiting in the refining, chemicals, and exploration and
production sectors to include midstream, renewables, and bioenergy.  
Our success drew attention from other segments and we have recruited
in consulting, telecommunications, industrial, and flavor and fragrances.

Since our founding we have placed over 300 senior management and
senior technical specialists.  In the process we expanded our contact
lists to over 30,000 individuals.  Those contacts are captured in sorted
and segmented mailing lists that reflect the areas of expertise of those
contacts.  Those lists are meticulously maintained and we can reach
thousands of potential candidates in a few hours.

We have refined and improved our outreach through focused, attention
grabbing marketing letters that always generate interest.  We normally
generate several expressions of interest in the first days of outreach and
introduce vetted candidates to our clients quickly.  We have succeeded in
identifying, recruiting and placing candidates all over the United States.  
We recruited a husband and wife team of process engineers from
California and placed them in Indiana.  We recruited a reliability expert in
Texas and placed her in North Dakota.

We maintain our client and candidate records on CAPSX by BBDP.  We
have over 4000 client contacts in the sectors mentioned above, sorted by
sector.  We conduct  marketing campaigns from CAPSX to these client
contacts and we regularly get new clients from those campaigns.  Our
current and past clients are in the database with links to all the
assignments we have conducted for those clients, including all of the
candidates introduced, interviewed and placed.  BBDP offers the service
of moving a CAPSX database to yours if you are not a current CAPSX user.

We have over 5000 candidate profiles in our database, with contact
information and resumes.  These can be sorted by specialty to build an
outreach campaign.

I will be retiring in the near future and Hofner Lewis will be dissolved.  
There is significant value in the intellectual property we have developed
over our years of operation.  We have dozens of mailing lists, over 16,000
e-mail addresses that were once good and can be mined for new
contacts.  We have over 5,000 addresses of those who asked to be
removed from our lists who would be new contacts for you.  We have a
high quality,  well-maintained applicant/client system.  We have crafted
exceptional outreach messages for candidates and marketing messages
for prospective clients, all in digital format that form part of the IP that is
for sale.  Also included in the sale is consulting services from me and our
research vice president to ensure a smooth transition.

Hofner Lewis has been a success by every measure and it has generated
good income for sixteen years.  It is currently for sale.    Include it into
your business to add incremental income.  Contact me with interest.

Kevin Hofner
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Hofner Lewis for Sale